24th June 2023, Saturday - 5:30 PM
Vid Sri KN Shashikiran                                 :    Vocal Duet
Vid Sri P Ganesh (Carnatica Brothers)                       
Vid Sri VVS Murari                                          :    Violin
Vid Sri Praveen Sparsh                                :    Mrudangam
Vid Sri ANS Swamy                                       :    Khanjira

PAST Events

20th May 2023, Saturday - 5:30 PM
Duet Flute Concert
Vid Sri Heramb and Vid Sri Hemanth   :    Flute Duet
Vid Smt Sindhu Suchetan                        :    Violin
Vid Sri Arjunkumar                                      :    Mrudangam
Vid Sri Ranganatha Chakravarthy          :    Ghata

22nd April 2023, Saturday - 5:30 PM
It is rarely that a phenomenon takes place in the world, an epoch-making event of far-reaching consequence that would change the course of far-reaching history. In the world of Indian art music, particularly Carnatic music, the advent of the Trinity of Carnatic music changed the course and perception of music.
One of them was the prolific Vaggeyakara ‘Muthuswamy Dikshitar’. Looking at his works, one finds a unity of purpose behind them. He was one of the rare beings who graced the earth with his noble presence and left behind an eternal fragrance that shall never wither. His works of grandeur and depth, both in melody and poesy, afford us a glimpse into the eternal soul, the music he worshipped, a glimpse of the summit of perfection he attained.

As a tribute, Indiranagar Sangeetha Sabha has arranged a Special Thematic Concert based on Sri Muthuswami Dikshitar Compositions. By
Vidushi Smt Anjali Sriram   :   Smt Anjali Sriram is among the most sought-after vocalists from bangalore, Shre started her music lessons under Vid Smt Nagavalli Nagaraj and later continued under Sangeetha Kalaratna Vid Smt MS Sheela. Apart from being a Gold medalist (1st rank) in Masters in Carnatic Music from Bangalore University, She holds a degree in Law B.A, LLB. She is a B-Hih Grade artist of the All Inida Radio. and for this event she accompanied by
Vid Sri Achyutha Rao                   :    Violin
Vid Sri BS Prashanth                   :    Mrudangam
Vid Sri N Gurumurthy                  :   Ghata

20th March 2023, Saturday - 6:30 PM
Vidwan Sri Goutham Hebbar                                    : Hindustani Flute
Vidwan Sri Roopak Kallurkar                                    : Tabala

18th March 2023, Saturday - 5:30 PM
Vidushi Smt Kanchana S Shriranjani            &      : Vocal Duet
Vidushi Smt Kanchana S Shruthiranjani
Vidwan Sri Mathur Srinidhi                                        : Violin
Vidwan Sri GS Ramanujam                                        : Mrudangam
Vidwan Sri G Omkar Rao                                             : Ghata

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